Artist Statement:

Brought into being by the birth of my son, my ego identity as a woman, house, and maker melted into my Divinity. Leaning into motherhood has liberated, unhooked, and softened my heart where Atman and Love dwell. My work explores motherhood as a gateway to Source, Love, and God. Yoga and art making are two platforms in which I meditate on Brahman, manifesting and performing self healing and Love.


I navigate the hallways of my gut, the pathway up my spine, to find my Jewish diasporic history stored in my throat, wounds tucked in my hips, hurt and loss wedged in between my toes. Leo, my son, opens my mouth and my memories dribble out onto him; onto paper. Becoming witness to myself, I cultivate softness and heal.


The walls of my apartment, drenched in monumental drawings, are skins, absorbing my lived experiences. Breathing life and inspiration into Leo’s presence it is then regurgitated back onto the paper sheaths, crusting, coating and obscuring my works with a crayon held in his hand, wagging through space feverishly like a dog’s tail. 


The yearning to return home lingers in the personal narratives embedded in my paintings, installations, objects, drawings, and videos. Similarly to how we are collectively discovering, creating, and walking our individual pathways home, my drawings imagine and hunt disparate channels leading to oneness.